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  "Haven?" He murmurs, he's standing a few feet away from me, and I wish that I could reach out and touch him.
            "Yeah?" I call back. I sound desperate, I am desperate.
            He smiles, it's a small smile, but it's enough to make my stomach jump. His dark hair is disheveled and midnight eyes are unfathomable as usual. The wind doesn't howl, it screams. Snow hits me from all angles. I'm so cold.  I pull at the ropes that bind me to the tree, willing them to loosen. But they don't and I'm sure that by now my wrists have been rubbed raw.
            "Please," I beg. My throat is on fire. "Please, don't do this. Untie me."
           "I can't." He looks in pain, his face inflicted with raging emotions. My heart pounds. "You're my safe place. You'll always be my safe haven," he whispers, so quiet I almost don't hear. 
            And then he's gone, as if he were never there at all, as if the thrashing wind blew him away from me. And I am left standing in the middle of the woods bound to a tree, wondering how my life could have possibly come to this moment.
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VibinWVicky VibinWVicky Mar 10
I thought the cover was a lady in a maid outfit on her knees😓
Lazy_Potato130 Lazy_Potato130 Sep 14, 2016
I also suck at them too...
                              Don't ask me how I'm passing Advanced English with As and B's al
VictoriaEvangeline VictoriaEvangeline Dec 07, 2016
If you say you suck at descriptions then I am worse... I can't even explain something that someone can understand... boohooo
LaLa103 LaLa103 Sep 28, 2015
lol at least you tried and didn't just say no description I hate that
cloudedwithstories cloudedwithstories Apr 22, 2015
@CelticSapphireWolf thank you!!!! I'm really glad :) thanks for voting!!! Please feel free to give me feedback or let me know what you want to happen!!! it's really useful as a writer to hear what the reader wants!!
cloudedwithstories cloudedwithstories Feb 04, 2015
@burntbrulee thanks for being such a wonderful writer! Keep it up!!