The Guardians Of Altariah:The Orb Of Light #Wattys2019

The Guardians Of Altariah:The Orb Of Light #Wattys2019

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Mr. J♤ By Jamseon_Ace Updated Oct 12, 2019

A world full of mystery and magic, 

A world where fairytales exist,

A world where dark force rules,

Ruled by an evil king,


A girl landed on this world and discovered something that changed  her life forever.

Who is she?

Can she save this world?

Can save everyone?

Do you want those answers to be answered then you might wanna read this book. 

Join them as they take the adventure and unravel the secrets lurking in Altariah.

Language used:(Tagalog/English)


3/25/2018(#5 in Adventure)
3/26/2018(#3 in Adventure)
3/27/2018(#10 in Adventure)
3/28/2018(#2 in Adventure)