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Kel By thatURBANgirl Completed

*Editing in Process*
*Previously known as Synthesis*

At only age nineteen King was the biggest kingpin in Phoenix, Arizona. Not a care in the world for anybody's feelings, all except for his younger brother, Khalil. He was living good, money piled up on pile up's. He could have anything or anyone he wanted. His life was going smooth, until he didn't get paid. He doesn't play around about his money, at all. He was going to get his money whether something had to be given or taken.

Seventeen year old Kianna goes to one of the worst high schools, in the worst part of town, Phoenix High. Fortunately she has a boyfriend, unfortunately he doesn't understand her, because no one really does. They think her life is perfect, when that's very far from the truth. Never go to the ballet and sit in the front row, it spoils the illusion.

After her brother left when he was sixteen, her father became even more addicted to drugs, and addicted to the abuse of his only daughter. She managed to get through the pain, abuse, and false love. She prayed on the day that she would finally escape her current world, and she planned to leave and never look back. Little did she know, it was only the beginning of a brand new life that she couldn't manage to get out of.

Cover made by @yunggawddess

© Copyright, all rights reserved.

started 3/30/2014.
edited 11/4/2015.

ajhanai ajhanai May 01
heey i'm taking that next year (9th grade) it's an 11th grade course where i am but i'm advanced
He must really want his money cause he being nice if I was in that position his funeral would have been eight months ago
Mila_Beela Mila_Beela May 06
I knew this boy name Jabralen we were good friends and we began to talk with his fine self 😑 then some white girl started calling my phone after we kissed and had lunch together. 😞 he was so daddyish with his hoe ass!
I don't take all of this except math at my school because I go to a job training school
*nine months later*" last time You got until tommorow" headass🙄😂😂😂😂
This Jalen boy at my school. Ugh! I hate speaking of him. He thinks these girls like him at school, and he like me & my best friend. Everytime he try to say something nasty or crazy, we don't pay no attention to him or talk to him but I we shut him down every time.