No Escaping

No Escaping

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Dounia (dough-nya) By Essence-Of-Ingenuity Updated Mar 18, 2011

Sage is always on the run ever since the government took an interest in him. He's trained in stealth, he's brutal when it comes to getting out alive, and most importantly, Sage holds something that could lead to a whole new age of man. But it seems running won't do him any good in the end.

This time it's different, though. He had promised himself that he would ignore everyone around him, for both his and their sake, yet one person manages to cling onto him. She's on the run also, but someone else is after her. 

Can Sage and this girl possibly outrun their enemies long enough to get to safety, or will it all be a waste in the end? What will happen when lives are on the brink of death, and there's no escaping unless a sacrifice is made? Decisions will be made ... but will it be enough?

crankybooknerd crankybooknerd Jan 29, 2011
continue please!
                              it's good and has me wanting to read more!
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