Little Miss EXO (EXO's Little Sister)

Little Miss EXO (EXO's Little Sister)

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Winter By KawaiiYuzami Completed

The famous Kpop group EXO will have an adopted sister. With their mischievous little sister plus their childish acts, what can their life become now? WARNING: CHAOS.

 Nheczxo  for New the Book Cover. mahiyeo and lostflower- on the previous ones. 

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lukin7 lukin7 Dec 05, 2016
did exo's kris part was not been there while they were discussing on whether boy or girl that they will adopt???
I always make female OCs me so... It's more like "Annyeonghaseyo,Oppa's! Ayesha imnidia!" Yes that was cringey you're welcome.
KookieTaesChim KookieTaesChim Dec 06, 2016
My twin's name is Hana. Now i know why does she recommend this story to meh
Penguinba Penguinba Nov 29, 2016
Girl you were close it not ye hey it yehet 
                              But you well get there soon
kayluvsdogs kayluvsdogs Sep 24, 2016
I can cook the utensils pans instead of the actual food. Does that count? The food pert won't make it out alive though
imagine she had to have all their last names but with hyphens in between lmaoooooo