Miracles [EXO FANFIC]

Miracles [EXO FANFIC]

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Airi (´・ﻌ・`) By SakuNaga Updated Jun 20, 2017


Park Han Ni, who's both parents died in an car crash and lived with her uncle until she turned 18. She moved to Seoul to study and currently living on her own in their holiday house.

She met 12 handsome guys called EXO, who's really famous and popular in Korea and all over the world. First, she has no interest in love, but two people started to fall for her. HanNi has develop some kind of feelings towards the two of them which she called 'special friend feeling' and not admitting that she's falling in-love.

A normal girl who doesn't know that she's the most powerful in the whole galaxy until someone told her. She has every powers and ability that no has own for a million years. She was told of finding her 12 guardians to help her protect the world from the most evil creature, Zehturg.

Who will she choose among the two of them? 
Will she succeed from saving the world?
Will she find the 12 of them before it's too late?
Why is she the most powerful person in the whole galaxy?
Will she believe the word 'Miracle' once more?


Read and find out! ~~~~ >

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zyx-only zyx-only Feb 02, 2016
They description was interesting ..like the story,exo princess...
merla_45 merla_45 Jun 04, 2016
My friends keep telling to watch that drama, is it worth it??
gracyeol gracyeol Jan 07, 2016
That Drama was cute ^^ and the jap Version is also hilarious
BaekMinMyCuteHusband BaekMinMyCuteHusband Sep 10, 2015
imbangtanshoe imbangtanshoe Aug 15, 2015
Jonginnie!!! <3 TaoTao!!! <3 Sese!!! <3  OMO... these are my angels... <3
Supernatural_Shipper Supernatural_Shipper Aug 09, 2015
One of my first kdramas. Bc of that drama I have discovered Kpop.