Is This Love?

Is This Love?

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KithKatKathyKat By KithKatKathyKat Updated Apr 14, 2017

Have you ever fallen deeply in love with someone you just met? 
Is he the man that your heart always desired?
Is he the one your heart picked over thousands of guys that admired you? 
Why is he the guy your heart chose millions of people in the world?
Is it love that will last forever? 
Or is it just your heart running wild again?

Jenny and William are two complete strangers that fell in love. 

They both ask the same old question over and over again "Is this love?"
They continue to figure that out when they realize there was a huge coincidence and it results both of them celebrating the holidays together.


but of course there will be people that will try to ruin everything that they have. 

Will they stay strong and loyal to what they have? Or is it just something that you can throw away so easily?