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Blood of Kings

Blood of Kings

7.2K Reads 516 Votes 7 Part Story
Sno By -S-N-O- Completed

"It all began with a story. A story one will remember. It is a story told with lies. But what is a tale without invention? I daresay it is the truth. A kingdom built on blood and lies is a kingdom broken and unalive. Yet, tis the tale that must be told. No lies, no farce, but truth from old."


Anna-Starling Anna-Starling Mar 24, 2016
I am so very excited for this
                               book. I already love it!
                              I really like the names too!
Yangwolf Yangwolf Jul 22, 2016
That nasty old river though, forget the man named Rowan. o-o And Rowan was in that river, just disturbing. Good job!
Doodle-Bot Doodle-Bot Mar 26, 2016
Wow your story seems very interesting and the scenes are very vivid!! Im enjoying this so far and hope to see more from you! <3
Second sentence bit unclear, you switch tenses in the second half. So does that mean Alexsander no longer wishes to or is it just an error?
KaiserWebb KaiserWebb Oct 25, 2016
This is an intriguing way to begin a fantasy story. I'm so used to the cliche prologues! Haha!!!
KaiserWebb KaiserWebb Oct 25, 2016
So, from what I've learned so far, Roman is a wannabe whose stubborn but seems mentally fit to handle such a situation, right?