Boundless Ties {BTY #1}

Boundless Ties {BTY #1}

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Book #1 (Bound To You series)

[Must be 14+ to read this. This story has a lot of cursing and I occasionally make (I hope) funny sexual jokes. I don't want to be responsible for corrupting your innocence, although social media has probably already done that. Also, I will start selling Jared Roy and Myron Bradford clones on ebay soon because of excessive demand. xo] 

"We're not perfect, Nat - You and I. You once told me you were damaged goods and I made you feel whole. Well you're that for me, too. You complete me. You're my whole. We might not be perfect alone, but together we are."

                                                                                           - - - - - - - - - -

This isn't a story about just love. This is a story about friendship, family and unbreakable bonds. 

When Eastwood High's most popular junior - Natalie Reynolds - is failing her classes, obnoxious older brother - Trent Reynolds - takes it upon himself to pair her up with his equally (if not, more) moronic best friend - Jared Roy - to tutor his little sister. But what happens when crackling tension spirals into more than just... tutoring? A forbidden attraction turns into a fiery affair that may have to be kept a secret. Bad Boys are not healthy, and Natalie has first hand knowledge of this. So, why is it that she can't resist him? Jared Roy knows his best friend's little sister is off limits, so why does he find himself drawn to her, regardless of her dark past? Can they lock away the dark demons of their past, and find it within themselves to look over each other's mistakes, and pursue a normal relationship? Or is any chance of them being together doomed? Because sometimes, love can't conquer all.

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                              I DON'T KNOW 
                               YOUR LIFE LIKE GAWSH 
                              SO MUCH DRAMA
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User name of carine is what but if u don't give me then u must not have said shame on u!
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Why did you choose such an awful name, now I keep thinking of the jared in teen wolf
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