The Resistance

The Resistance

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        It was the year 2169. Chemical warfare had destroyed most of the world forcing humans to move to the only available land. It was impossible to breathe on 99.9% of the planet. So naturally, two colonies rose in the only two habitable places on the face of the Earth. The first one called The United Federation of Great Britan, was the side of the Resistance. The Resistance was a small group of highly-trained, intelligent spies fighting to take down the Monroe Militia. The Monroe Militia was the army of the 2nd colony called, The Federal Union of Australia. The Federal Union of Australia (also known as just "the colony") was running out of habitable land and was planning on taking down The United Federation of Great Britan (aka the UFGB), so they could expand their territory. All the land that people were unable to live on due to high levels of radiation and toxic gasses, was called No-Man's land. "Flying cars" and houses that could float were course and common due to lack...

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