The Alpha's Rebel Mate

The Alpha's Rebel Mate

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hayhay15 By hayhay15 Updated Feb 17, 2015

Tyler, or as her mom calls her Bug, goes from place to place because of her mom's job. Tyler hates to be told what to do and isn't going to do any thing Hunter tells her to do. This is Bug's story. 

"Hey! What the hell man!" I scream at him.

"MINE." His eyes turning red. Shit. Why didn't I see this earlier? He is an alpha werewolf. "I know you know about us. I can smell wolf all over your clothes. Why don't you tell me why that is because you sure as hell ain't a wolf." His wolf fully contoling him asks.

"Like I have to tell you anything. Ha you don't own me." I challenge. If it is even possible, his eyes turn redder. A growl escapes his lips and he pushes me further into the wall.

"I do own you because you are my mate. So tell me what I want to know."

"No." I say standing on my toes and looking him in the eyes.

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NeonyWolf NeonyWolf Jun 20, 2017
Why does every character have brown hair to be honest I'm tired of it