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My Demon Mate

My Demon Mate

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WinterMonths By WinterMonths Updated a day ago

Don't you just love when you read the classic werewolf story where the werewolf girl falls hopelessly in love with her mate that is also an alpha and he is the most powerful alpha in the world, or maybe the one where the Alpha is head or heels for his mate expect one problem she is human. Oh we can't forget about the ones when his mate is really werewolf and her parents just haven't told her. All those stories you read have one thing in common. All wolves  have human mates or wolf mates and the very rare angle mate. Not in my case though see the moon goddess hates me. I got a demon for a mate. No I'm talking he is mean and selfish and every other insulting word you think of. I got a true demon, you know the devils right hand man and has more power than any werewolf out there. Yeah great I know right.... What makes it better is that I'm the most innocent, shy person you could think of, will minus the fact I'm a werewolf.

Trust_no_1-_- Trust_no_1-_- Jul 03, 2016
So she just describe the demons the way everyone describe the werewolfs in there story
Zayraya2772 Zayraya2772 Jun 20, 2016
You were just arguing with your wolf and now you're asking "who's counting" you seriously want me to answer that shitty ahistorical question?
Fantasia_Dreams Fantasia_Dreams Sep 03, 2016
Wait I have brown eyes but I'm still a demon? Trust me I had imaginary friends and ran into walls when I was little. I don't understand why I'm not in a hospital but I'm not
muffin_monster28 muffin_monster28 Jun 21, 2016
Yall aint got no imagination thats what makes the books better.
rudolph21 rudolph21 Jul 13, 2016
They always say to the side. Is it because I'm on mobile? I only ever see pictures at the top. With the new update, we can now see pictures where the text usually is, but never 'to the side'.
Greenrose1107 Greenrose1107 Oct 21, 2016
I have ugly grey-blue eyes and my other 5 sisters have vary pretty bright blue. 😢😭