Pink Boy

Pink Boy

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miss keisha By _chanmein_ Updated Sep 14

Kim Seokjin and Kim Namjoon are both two very different people who have different lives and different experiences. Kim Namjoon, school's bad boy has been adored by a nerd, Kim Seokjin, for years. Will the bad boy return his feelings? Or will Kim Seokjin just end up with a broken heart?

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I don't care if you are gay!! I am straight myself and I support LGBQT!! JUSTICE!!!! I WILL FIGHT THEM WITH MY LEGS IN THEIR BALLS!!!
I use to hate pink but now I love because of the Love Yourself Album, it's a beautiful and warm color
theholyjoon theholyjoon Aug 16
i used to hate pink.. but i grew very fond of it. its a very warm color, and then i discovered seokjin and that made me love the color so much more
Ttunerae86 Ttunerae86 Aug 05
You know when you have a crush on your best friend which is a girl and she doesn’t know that your bi and you don’t know if she even likes girls so you just have to live with it cause you don’t wanna ruin the relationship if she rejects you which she probably will? That’s me.
Pastel pink is cute! I like baby pink, Rose gold and Rose Quartz. I like anything baby like color
my friend used to have everything pink... it’s how she lived i swear