THORNS (18+Only)

THORNS (18+Only)

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Janebabydoll By Janebabydoll Updated Jan 31, 2016

Renee walkins has always lived with her dad and with no mum.

Her father taught her everything she knows about life.but things take an ugly turn when her father is in hospital waiting for a heart.which they don't have enough money for. but she is not yet ready to let him go and will keep fighting to get money.

She decides to start working as a dancer at a Gentlemen's club hoping to get enough money but she gets more than she bargained for.

Dylan Harrison is the sexiest bachelor according to magazines , Who is the CEO of a business.His life is all about; cars, money and women,he is also man of very few words and comes off cold at times.His family thinks he will never settle down and his mum tries to set him up countless times

On his birthday his friends decide take him to a Gentlemen's club and there he meets dancer(Renee Walkins) and asks her to be his hired girlfriend.she agrees because she knows Its the only way to get enough money to help her dad.

They have to keep it a secret but that becomes hard when everyone is meddling; His family, Friends, The press and a very annoying ex

While doing this they learn a lot about each other which may or may not lead to love 

Every Rose Has It's Thorn.

Stephanie_Hoechlin99 Stephanie_Hoechlin99 Jul 09, 2017
Theres about 13 people in one scene and idk wats even happening because there no indication that the scene changes
I was so confused for a moment. Anyway if you guys haven’t figured out, this is where the audience’s perspective changes
Hershey__squirts Hershey__squirts Jun 18, 2015
hahaaa is this some kind of christian grey sh¡t right here?
RebeccaGrant2 RebeccaGrant2 Jun 15, 2015
Please tell me, he is not messed like that whole Christian Grey crap. Narcissistic much?
pamplemousselove pamplemousselove Oct 09, 2014
I like it, she isn't all stuck up. She is funny and shows her personality ;)