The Alpha's Children

The Alpha's Children

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Anna By pie031 Completed

Annabelle has had one best friend that has always been there for her.  He just so happens to be the next alpha of the pack.

On every alpha wolf's 16th n-birthday they are able to find thier mate, the person that they will spend the rest of their lives with.

Annabelle is scared and hurt because she knows he will find his mate and leave the amazing friendship they have behind.  What makes it worse is that she has had a crush on him for as long as she can remember.

But on his 16th birthday something happens that they both weren't expecting.

chector53 chector53 Feb 08, 2017
Wow, selfish, friends want friends to be happy. So she selfish. So sad.
VanessaSanchez856 VanessaSanchez856 Nov 21, 2016
I hate when u tell someone personal and yet they throw it back in your face later on .... especially infront of everyone
justbeingme246 justbeingme246 Jun 19, 2016
Her mother is the true definition of a itch with a b in the front
samanthaluvu samanthaluvu Nov 30, 2014
My best freind did the same thing and the. When he's mad at her she's like oh ur my best freind no ily u like a sister then when there fine it's like I'm not the and I'm like........ Bruh
barbieq30 barbieq30 Apr 23, 2014
If I didn't already know about her and him being mates I feel like she would be heartbroken for a while ( if the alpha wasn't her mate ) but when she found her mate she would get over him
barbieq30 barbieq30 Apr 23, 2014
I love reading the I fell in love with my best friend books but, in real life I'm like eww he's just my friend that would be so awkward we're like family!! I don't know it just never happened to me