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Those Eyes (Camren, Camaustin fanfic)

Those Eyes (Camren, Camaustin fanfic)

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mkm5h97 By mkm5h97 Completed

Camila and Lauren have been best friends ever since Fifth Harmony started, but now that Camila has a new love interest, will they realize they have been more than best friends for a while? Or will they choose to shut down their feelings and pretend nothing is going on?

eatsoulsforbreakfast eatsoulsforbreakfast Aug 15, 2016
You know what feels right, Mija? Lauren's fingers inside your pussy. 😁😅
DuskyKatZz DuskyKatZz Feb 11
You have a reached a phone number from an ex lover you should probably loose so don't wait for me to call you back cause I ain't doing to bad not thinking bout you
lbjllj19 lbjllj19 Dec 01, 2016
The Dorito is already making an appearance and we are only a paragraph in...
LarryGodDamnStyles LarryGodDamnStyles Sep 15, 2016
First time ^ (what she said) I know dorito boy is gon be in here and any camuastin shît makes me angry so rip me and this book
jauregui_heda jauregui_heda Aug 11, 2016
I love this fic it was actually the first camren fic I've read😊
UnlovedSpirit UnlovedSpirit Aug 26, 2016
Austins in this fic so I already know I'm going to be in an emotional rollercoaster