Chains of Silver (Alchemy Empire Book 1)

Chains of Silver (Alchemy Empire Book 1)

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Meredith Rose By wildwoodgoddess Completed

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If all the world's a stage, then I am utterly screwn...

In the high-stakes world of the theater, stage fright can seriously crank your career, so apprentice Minx Mellor hides her phobia, studying as a technomancer to create fantastic, steam-powered devices.
But when the mysterious serial killer known as The Peacock targets one of their own, Minx can hide no longer. To save the life of the woman she loves like a mother, she teams up with her sworn enemy and a dashing young director whose powerful magic wakes the nightmares she's kept secret for years.
When disaster strikes, Minx must face the horrors of her past and find the courage to do what she vowed she'd never do again. 

Even if it means risking her life as bait to trap a murderer. 

From the shadows of cobblestoned alleys and the glittering steampunk world of an aristocracy gone mad for theater comes the first book in a brand new young adult fantasy series about love, the power of creativity, and the resiliency of the human spirit.

This is my first young adult novel. It's COMPLETE, and I'm hard at work on the sequel, Claws of Brass, which is currently serializing here on Wattpad as well!

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--Meredith Rose

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Wicked4evermore Wicked4evermore Jun 10, 2016
Oh god wow I laughed at that, I thought it was an actual peacock.
ghostwatcher11 ghostwatcher11 May 06, 2015
I like this. Just started reading this and I'm hooked! Just wondering is this set in the future steampunk like? And the people in the book they can do magic? This was mentioned but I'm a little confused lol :)
- - Sep 02, 2014
am i the only one who thinks Fenrey is Peacock? what is wrong with me.
- - Sep 02, 2014
no offense but why Peacock? i mean why not something more vicious of an animal? or is there some kind of resemblance to the peacock?
- - Sep 02, 2014
aww Walter no youre absolutely fine ily :3 god i swear if he dies in this book im gonna sob like really sob
- - Sep 02, 2014
i actually wanted to be an actress. i dont have stage fright im just afraid of what other people might think. great story so far btw looking forward to reading it. its been on my library for months i just now read it.