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Devon Mackey By MoshPrincess Updated May 23

Class was over and I was walking down the hall with Callum. His eyes were slightly glosy and it looked like he was concentrating on something. I knew that ment he was talking to or battling with his wolf. His eyes changed to a darker blue . His wolf was comepletly in control. He turned to me giving me a sickly sweet smile. It kinda scared me to ne honest I gave him a small smile and before I knew it I was pushed up agaist the lockers that line the wall. 
"Hey baby im Owen"
"Kiera... But I think you already know that"
"Yes I do"
"Your scareing me can I please have Callum back?" His eyes shifted back to there normal color and Callum looked at me with concern.
"Im sorry princess I cant hold him back." he placed a soft kiss on my lips and my heart skipped a beat. He pulled back a second later and his eyes turned dark once again. 
"Owen please let Callum back out." He shook his head. "Please?" I said reaching both my arms out to touch his cheeks. Before I knew it he had caught my arms and they were pinned next to my head. Ok now im really scared.
"I Owen Callum Kelly reject Jade Kiera Taylor as my mate"

white_crecent white_crecent Apr 07, 2016
Noooo I mean yasssss cause she comes back all different...... Yeah I'm different yeah different
- - Jun 04, 2016
Dont worry. Everybody hates math. Just like that one bitch who complains about everyrhing and whores around.
AloiseMushayandebvu AloiseMushayandebvu Mar 16, 2016
OMGHAAAÀADDD aish if that was me ahhh I would die of humiliation it's one thing to be rejected by the human but it's another thing to be rejected by the wolf itself
RahniH RahniH Aug 25, 2014
Omg I love that song and by the way I'm gonna be using 'oh my gobb stoppers'