Together Forever (a Superman love  story)

Together Forever (a Superman love story)

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Shelby Lynn By _Shelby21 Completed

I thought that my best friend and boyfriend was just an ordinary guy from the day we started dating in 8th grade. But now I'm not so sure. 

He forgot to leave out one tiny little secret when he told me about himself. He's super human. 
Now I know what you're thinking, why wouldn't he tell you? Well that's a question I've been asking myself for the past 10 years. 
One day he decides to leave, leave everything behind. Autumn Jacobson, his mom, the only life he's ever known. Gone. Left in the dust. 
How does Autumn, the girl that loves him with all her heart. The only girl besides his mom that knows his secret, deal with his leaving? Does he ever come back? 
Read Together Forever to find out!

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ThatBabyQuinnDoh ThatBabyQuinnDoh Mar 13, 2017
Hello Darkness My Old Friend 
                              I've Come To Talk With You Again
pillerhikaru pillerhikaru Jun 08, 2017
Okay think about that for a minute. In what world are women or men comfortable following a possible stranger into an enclosed bathroom? None.
Calypso5940 Calypso5940 Feb 22, 2017
Stacy seems so chill cuz her friend just ditched her but she is really cool about it
MustSaveAllUnicorns MustSaveAllUnicorns Aug 14, 2016
Actually scientists have invented jetpacks..... They're just not commercially used or advertised....
sebbylino sebbylino Jan 22, 2015
are you joking ?! I love your story I have even told my friends, please update and extend the story if you can,you definitely have a gift,peace :-)
sebbylino sebbylino Jan 10, 2015
when are you going to update, please update soon I love how you write,  up up and away!!