Shadow Before The Dawn

Shadow Before The Dawn

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Kira Adams By CatchingMisery Updated Apr 29, 2012

Since the beginning there have been those who watch over us and protect us. Keeping balance between us and those of magic. But what if.... The balance was suddenly broken?.... Stephanie, Jacob, Tarrence,Eli, Melonie and Sam are the new elemental guardians and must take their roles to protect and restore the balance. But before they can save anyone they must find the seventh guardian. When a new girl at school shows signs of magic the group of friends attempt to question her. But before they could get near her they get attacked by a monster and are saved by an unlikely hero. Will they be able to discover their powers and be able to find the last guardian before it's to late?

Found by destiny, bound by friendship and guided by faith, this is the shadow before the dawn....

  • action
  • adventure
  • demons
  • elemental
  • elements
  • fallingintosilence
  • guardians
  • romance
  • shadows

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