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Don't Date Demon Boys (Supernatural Rules #1)

Don't Date Demon Boys (Supernatural Rules #1)

2.7M Reads 104K Votes 71 Part Story
foreverlosttear By foreverlosttear Completed

A sexy, romantic horror story with a twist, if you like demons, danger and desire...

Ava has been ignored, almost all of her life, and the only time she was noticed were times when she wished she could be invisible. It's senior year at Hemming High, and all she wants is a quiet, simple, safe life. Destiny has a different plan. Destiny has demons.

Edge just wanted to play football,drink beer and graduate. He didn't want to be kidnapped by a warlock coven and sacrificed to a demon that steals his skin, masquerades as human, and has to corrupt a virgin by the next blood moon.

boohoo2001 boohoo2001 May 04, 2016
1st time reader
                              fingers "crossed" hahaaa...
                              sorry that wasn't very punny
                              again sorry 
                              hope its good.
                              but given all the votes and views
                              i don't doubt it 
                              wow this comment is long sorry.
TheAntiCristIsHere TheAntiCristIsHere Mar 18, 2016
I love demon/romance stories. I prefer incubi demon stories but regulate demons are fine.
yourlandlord yourlandlord Jul 01, 2016
im reading because i saw there were 69 chapters, and im sure the author did that on purpose.
MiosotisDiazCanela MiosotisDiazCanela Aug 15, 2016
Cool the covers because it makes all the character in the book anonymous to the readers
Hotness27 Hotness27 Jul 15, 2016
*gets into starting position*
                              *has messenged all my friends the wanna hang out that I can't* 
                              *praised satan* 
                              Okay, I'm ready
LanaTheTherianWolf LanaTheTherianWolf 21 hours ago
i saw sexy and the rest was a blure x3 nah just kidding sounds awesome!