His Retributions #Wattys2018

His Retributions #Wattys2018

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Saumya Tripathi By Tripathiisaumya Updated Jul 05

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"Are you fucking kidding me?" He snarled at her child like face.

She flinched and her lower lip wobbled at his caustic tone.

"Please!" She beseeched again inspite of his annoyed face.

He cursed under his breath at her large button sized eyes that was filled with hot tears, looking too fucking hopefully at him.

"Damn those tears!" He cussed again admitting defeat.


I have envisioned this novel over and over again in my head until I thought of penning it down somewhere.

It is another complex love story about two people living in small town of Uttar Pradesh where having intercaste marriages are like some sort of having Ebola disease.

Simultaneously, it was the same case with Devesh and Sayali. Albeit, they weren't married. He intented to have her for himself despite of their caste system and her will.

Moreover she was innocent and well mannered and a very dedicated child of her parents.

Whereas on the other hand, he was young, rich, obnoxious, and alcoholic and a single child of his parents.  

They were good friends in school, he was her senior. Everything was running smoothly until he abruptly proposed her then everything changed with a Horrorofhorrors disaster.



I always love your novels. The way you start your stories with every other genres are just unique and significant. You're a born writer- komallakra00 

I love this novel! I think I am already obsessed with the story because honestly, the way you described those protagonists I feel like they are two characters in my life: ALIVE! And I really don't think I'll find such amazing story like this on wattpad. I am so glad to find a talented and beautiful writer such as yourself. We, the readers, want to read more of your amazing book, I really had to read twice to come vivid with the characters- Amna_H

This is my favourite novel after DIFFERENT SHADES! I can't seem to get enough- Ilovegraysonbailey

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