The Lost: Book Two of The Whitechapel Chronicles

The Lost: Book Two of The Whitechapel Chronicles

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Lindsey Clarke By LittleCinnamon Completed

'Whitechapel. The East End of London. Streets of tawdry degradation and grisly dark crimes of unlimited horror.....'

From the comforts of London's middle class suburbia, to taking refuge in an old abandoned asylum in Whitechapel, Megan's life has changed immeasurably since meeting the vampire, Harper Cain. 

Now living with Harper, his blood brother Garrick and Garrick's gang of mercenaries, Megan finds herself at the centre of an age-old war between the vampires and their enemies, the lycan-esque Varúlfur. 

Still struggling to cope with the turn her life has taken, Megan discovers that not only is she unable to escape the ghosts of her past, but she is going to have to contend with some very dark revelations about her future. 

A vampire with the history of Whitechapel running through her veins she might be, but Megan will soon learn that there are far worse things to be frightened of than ghosts.

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RobertHelliger RobertHelliger Mar 16, 2016
The book cover of White Chapel Book Two is great. Looking forward to reading the sequel.
samnblack samnblack Jul 15, 2015
This book is amazing. I just have one question though, in the first book at the very end when you did a sneak-peek to this book, it had said that Megan and Garrick had a romantic relationship after his feeding on the woman. Is she with Harper or Garrick??
iOnlyknowDanceMon iOnlyknowDanceMon Jun 28, 2015
I can't tell you how many times I've read and reread this...I can't wait for you to publish your books!
MaryStDenisOuellette MaryStDenisOuellette Jan 15, 2015
I am so excited about this new book and you are my favorite writer :)
alexab423 alexab423 Sep 09, 2014
loving the cast charlie is sooo gorgeous and I love the sheriff (the hunter) and john snow but charlie is to die for. how can I find you on FB????
Samfaith78 Samfaith78 Aug 29, 2014
hi..yes indeed you are a talented writer.,I've finished reading the "the sanctuary series..and starting to read the Whitechapel..but couldn't find the title of the first to tell me please....thank you very much..