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Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Energy. Moon. Spirit. Soul. These are the eight elements that keep our world alive, and with each element, comes a keeper.

In order to save their world from darkness, these powerful eight must work together, no matter the consequences. Taking only their knowledge, they embark on a journey, discover secrets about their world, and about each other in order to defeat and overcome their fears. But will they survive? 

If you are looking to read this book, please wait!
We are in the process of re-writing the book, and if you begin to read it might change completely half way through, and we don't want you getting confused! We will keep everyone updated to when the new book will come out!

Solena_16 Solena_16 May 18
Oh and by the way, what is the difference between spirit and soul??? Isn't it just the same thing???🤔🤔🤔
There should be an extra day in between Saturday And Sunday where you can't work WHATSOEVER and you just relax and everything is free
Solena_16 Solena_16 May 18
What does the moon element do??? Please answer cause I don't get it!!!!!!!!!!😫😫😫
SelenaAthena SelenaAthena Sep 04, 2016
I'm getting a zombie apocalypse vibe 😂 calm down the world isn't over, just your world
SelenaAthena SelenaAthena Sep 04, 2016
That is not something you say to your school if you want them to stay calm 😂👌🏻 we have code names for different situations
cheytaylor1 cheytaylor1 Aug 26, 2016
This is awesome, I noticed some similarities to my story, "Masters of Elements". I can't wait to read this!