The Ugly Duckling (ON HOLD)

The Ugly Duckling (ON HOLD)

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Falling For The BadBoy #2

Ryland Delsavio is a twenty year old university student who is currently doing Bachelor of Business and playing basketball.  Ryland has been brought up with the teaching that family is the most important thing in the world and he will do anything for his family.  Jumping into a fight to save his twin, Ryland ends up in Westwinds High as a student coach for the basketball team.  Everyone welcomes Ryland with open arms at Westwinds High. The girls think he's handsome and all the boys know him; he's living the good life. That is until he discovers Adeline Hastings. Then everything comes crashing down.

Adeline Hastings is a seventeen year old teen who is trying to make it through high school without being noticed.  After all she knows where attention can get you; it is not a good experience. With her tacky sweatpants and baggie hoodies, Adeline blends in without a problem.  That all changes when she crosses path with Ryland Delsavio; Mr. Popular who already graduated two years ago.  Having bad experience with attention, Adeline does her very best to run away from Ryland. But how long can she keep it up?

i mean i love te story but i need a nap someone help me I have an addiction
xx1kr4xx xx1kr4xx Aug 16
Ryland! My little baby is all grown up! Awesome.
                              That's all I wanted to say, bye!
He didn't want to take over the family business he wanted to be a cop
i mean i love te story but i need a nap someone help me I have an addiction
oficially_yours oficially_yours Sep 25, 2015
my mom and dad would have asked me if I at least broke his jaw lol
StarlaSunshine StarlaSunshine Aug 11, 2015
Lol, I thought they meant the president of the united states! How'd he get to be principal?