All I want is change

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Frank Ifunya By Frankfimy Completed
I don't have vast wealth to make a change but this is my try through words to make a difference. Please read
simple yet powerful, it really made me think of how I take things for granted sometimes when really I should be grateful.
                                    Splendid work of poetry, well done.
Small and simple, yet powerful! Great work friend! Keep it up..:)
Very true, powerful message.
                                    Simple amazing, love it! *vote* [;
Awesome work of poetry :) I think it is the best way of expressing your views. Good job!
I think you have good ideas, but the rhyme scheme is not really working. Some of the rhymes sound forced and the third stanza is ABAB instead of AABB, like the others.
Extremely inspirational. It makes you think of what you have compared to what somebody else does not. I love it <3