I love you, but I don't know why | Sweeney Todd

I love you, but I don't know why | Sweeney Todd

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There was an experiment. Between between movie and the real life. One celebrity was chosen for a trial.  But the experiment went completely wrong.

Which celebrity was chosen?
(I know it's obvious since Sweeney Todd is up there)
What were the concequences of the failure of the experiment that left the word in fear?
What will Happen to Erika Liut when the experiment concequence affected her?

Note: you can Imagine the main character 'Erika' as a very pale woman who is around her twenties, and her eyecolour is a mix of grey, blue and green   (this eye colour actually exists). For hair colour: I'm not sure still. I wanted her to have light brown hair but then I wanted her to be blonde - so either way, you can decide on her hair color.

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