Fairytale Love? Kiss My Ass!

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Mʏᴋᴀ Méʟᴀɴɢᴇ By SubwayStars Updated 2 years ago
Okay, so Rachel Falls thought her happily ever after started when she finally reunited with her more-than-a-crush Rylance. But then she realised that life wasn't bloody Disney when our feisty girl discovered what Rylance was hiding and met this guy who was as feisty as her and even had the guts to say, “Kiss my ass” on that same fateful day.
    Ooh, so now things were heated up, Rylance was busted, Rachel was broken, and this Levi was just going to add fuel to the flames. They all better watch out, or else they'll all be burnt.
YOU ARE SO FUNNY! Oh my gosh this is freaking awesome! Why aren't you freaking famous yet?!!!!!!
Wow this is even funnier than More Than a Crush! Def reading on haha.
this is funny! hahaha i'm totally reading on! i love rachel she's funny hahaha!
Fraking amazing first chapter!!!! Be right back!!! Gotta head to school muna! :)
Levi should really get fired from starbucks and why is one drink 16 dollars??
Made me laugh, you're a writer with a huge sense of Humor. LOL. I enjoyed it :)