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Cathy By chiyo_0 Completed

This one was for a school project. Read and Enjoy ^-^..... and if you do cut please know there's help! Not exactly sure where but uhh lol if you message me about it I can help you find some or if you just need someone to talk to, I'll listen. 

credit for cover ----->,r:18,s:20&biw=1365&bih=693

Deathisapleasure Deathisapleasure Oct 10, 2016
Why would you describe cutting if you've never cut before? Even if it was for a school project I think it's wrong for you have never done it. That's just not right. Nice though, I guess?
Musicadict11 Musicadict11 Jun 24, 2015
this is only partly true I know what its like to cut it helps but if you get help it goes away half the kids at my school cut because of how horrible society is today it frees you it doesn't cage you
Clowntrash666 Clowntrash666 Jun 14, 2013
If you don't know what it's like to cut please don't write a poem about it please.
xxgoth_girlxx xxgoth_girlxx Feb 07, 2011
VERY good, what was your assignment in school that let u write this? My school would be freaking out if someone wrote this. xP Oh! And that's an awesome cover!
SarahoftheOpera SarahoftheOpera Jan 29, 2011
ooooo this is really heartbreaking, but VERY GOOD!
                              The poem actually trinkles and flows down like blood would when seaping from a cut.