Road Kill: Book One [Completed]

Road Kill: Book One [Completed]

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Kelly J. Burke By KellyJBurke Completed

In a post-apocalyptic Earth amid the Wastelands, survival isn't just a skill--it's a trait. Whatever the danger, Silent and his steadfast companions have  survived the odds. Marauding gangs, deadly mutants, and a merciless mother nature. 

However, when Earth faces an even more catastrophic fate, Silent finds his quest to be the most feared martial artist and slayer of all time cut short. 

An alien showdown on Earth's doorstep unleashes another Apocalypse on the planet, and a dark prophecy begins to unfold amid the ruins. Silent and his companions--Grimm, Doom, and Deathstrike--head on a collision course with deadly mutants, alien hordes, galaxy ravaging demons and living gods in a struggle for survival on their path to godhood. 

Throughout the ages, Silent has seen many friends and enemies come and go, and as his adventures continue more will surely fall by the wayside on the road to immortality and godhood.

Welcome to the world of Road Kill.

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