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ChyaneColeman By ChyaneColeman Updated Jan 13, 2015

I sat there on the tub shaking, waiting for the it finish. I was just hoping and praying that my worst nightmare wouldn't come true. Why me? Why did it have to be me, Aaryn French of all people. My mom called up to my room "Aaryn, Paige come down for dinner!". "We're on our way!" said my sister Paige as she held my hand also waiting."Aaryn I, I can't believe this is happening, you're the good one!"    The 15 minutes were up and I glanced at it... Double Lines showed up...     I'm Pregnant! All rights reserved, no copyright intended, all characters were created by myself as the situation. Please ENJOY COMMENT SHARE AND VOTE

Takes at least six weeks for a pregnancy test to show positive two weeks for blood test
sweetzzz sweetzzz Apr 24, 2016
U should've said the morning after pill...because a pregnancy test to early
brooklynwyd brooklynwyd Jul 18, 2016
Damn, look at all these corrective comments xD Just leave it be. It's done to late! I'm sure she's not even looking at these! Calm down and leave it alone..
mamabearbailee mamabearbailee Mar 29, 2016
Technically she couldn't have found out she was pregnant that quickly. Most girls don't even suspect they're pregnant until they miss their period about 4 weeks later.
NakuMartina NakuMartina Feb 18, 2016
I think it should be 'more emphasis ' and not extra inphasis. Good work though.
autumnkuenniger autumnkuenniger Apr 14, 2016
I'm not sure I quite understand the vary last sentence because it's worded a bit weird, but if I read it right, then a pregnancy test won't work a day after, she will have to wait 2 weeks after she misses her period