Bella's Little Sister

Bella's Little Sister

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Hi my name's Laura and I'm a new writer, in my opinion I'm not really good. But please read and tell me how you like it.

Anyways, Bella Swan and her little sister, Aubrey live in Arizona with their mom, Renee and their step-dad Phil. Until one day Bella and Aubrey decide to move to Forks, Washington to live with their dad, Charlie. What happens when Bella meets Edward? What happens when Bella finds out their secret? Will Aubrey find out Bella's keeping something from her? Who is Aubrey dating and why do they only meet in private.
Read to find out.  This is just a skit of what it would be like if they could get out of hunting.

Also I do not own anything from Twilight or Supernatural except for my OC. One year after twilight so Bella is 18 and Aubrey is 17. Also I'm changing the Winchester's ages. Sadly John is already dead, but Dean 24 and Sam is 20.

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