Angel Chronicles - Book 1: Fallen Angel[lgbt]

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Katie By xXtrappedinmymindXx Updated 3 years ago
My name is Echo and I have fallen...
    An Angel who fell in love with a human, Echo is now doomed to wander Earth for the rest of eternity. But she isn't alone. And Earth is a lot different. Nothing is the same. There have been others to fall and survive. If they survive it means they have dug their way out of hell. Their wings have been turned black, dark like the way they have been thrown from heaven. Of course, it doesn't always mean they are evil. Like in some cases, like in Alasdair's, things are different. He has been on Earth for countless years. He leads a band of fallen Angels that are "good". His brother, Cearbhall, leads a band of fallen Angels that are "evil" Echo will have to choose which she will join. And along the way she meet some alliances, enemies, and have to decide if she can live with her choices. And she will have to discover if Aurnia can live with her choices.
    WARNING: this story contains some romance between two women. If you don't like that please don't read. Thank you.
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