The last angel (Harry Potter's twin)

The last angel (Harry Potter's twin)

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Ok I'll tell you my name! Saira (sarah) By iainttellinyoumyname Updated Oct 02, 2015


Most people become angels when they die, but every so often someone becomes an angel when they're born...

Katarina Potter, more commonly known as Cat, has been in hiding practically her whole life since she is guarding a grave secret.

As you might have guessed, Cat is the twin sister of the one and only, Harry Potter, saviour of wizardkind.

But, hardly anyone knows about her and those who did assume that she died on that terrible night.

Except a few.

They take it upon themselves to protect her at all costs.

But she's too busy trying to stop her stupid brother from getting killed.

When they were 11 she had to rush off and get Dumbledore to come back from the Ministry in order to help the trio from getting killed by a man who had Voldemort attached to his head.

Then at age 12 it was sending down Fawkes the phoenix in order to save Harry from a giant snake.

And don't even mention the months of begging and pleading with Dumbledore to see that Sirius was innocent. She never trusted that rat, how can it sleep so much?

Finally, in their fourth year, after getting transferred from Durmstrung to Hogwarts, she thought that she could have a year off.

But no!

Harry just had to be Harry and get his name pulled out of the Goblet and take part in the Triwizard Tournament, which could kill him.

And with Cat finding out things about herself that she didn't even know were possible, how is she going to survive until the end of the year?

Disclaimer: All rights reserved to the author, artist and this publication. This is solely a not-for-profit fan activity, and in no way intends to infringe on copyrights held by JK Rowling. If I had written up Harry Potter I would not be on Wattpad writing fan fiction about it, seriously.

That being said, I hope you enjoy reading, if you see any mistakes, point them out for me, but if you're just gonna hate then please go.

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dinogirlrawr2654 dinogirlrawr2654 Jun 21, 2016
Everyone knows about Harry Potter,but what about his twin,
                              JOHN CENA
MaskedSillhouette MaskedSillhouette Feb 27, 2017
                              have been waiting
                              for this book
                              my entire life
                              I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
LionMoon2003 LionMoon2003 May 30, 2016
                              I'm not trying to be mean, but it's metamorphmagus.
                              Once again, not trying to be rude, but this is one of the words that really bug me if spelled wrong.
Appol-o Appol-o Feb 05, 2017
Drumstrang is for Purebloods , how can we gt there? Harry's Halfblood , so cat's Halfblood , and anyway drumstrang is fr males right?
TheSoph17 TheSoph17 Jun 08, 2015
can't wait for the bit where I'm the character everyone looks up to!
TheSoph17 TheSoph17 Jun 08, 2015
can't wait for the bit where I'm the character everyone looks up to!