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Alien Invasion: A Love Story

Alien Invasion: A Love Story

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Britt By BrittanieCharmintine Completed

When a young Hollywood accountant discovers her gorgeous new boss is an alien, she makes it her mission to stop him from kidnapping all of Earth's celebrities


After selling off half the furniture in her Hollywood apartment to help pay for rent while she's between jobs, Andie Banks finally does the unthinkable: she takes a job working for the sketchy tabloid magazine that's slowly destroying the career of her movie-star best friend, Sterling Champagne. But to make matters worse, not only has the company never heard of a high-interest savings account, it's run entirely by beautiful, vaguely disproportionate aliens who are using the business as a front to kidnap all of Hollywood's A-List celebrities and replace them with extraterrestrial doubles. So now it's up to Andie to clean up the tabloid's finances, prevent her friend from being kidnapped, and somehow avoid the wrath of her boss's ex-finance - who isn't wrong to suspect something is going on between Andie and the company's smoking hot alien ceo...

[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]