u n c h a i n e d {discontinued}

u n c h a i n e d {discontinued}

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☆red riot☆ By PorcelainSky Updated Dec 05, 2017

After a traumatic event in his childhood, Eren has been extensively difficult to tie down, often caught by the wind and whisked away, always trying to defy the system of society. Levi, having been there for him since those dark days of adolescence, has been suppressing increasing feelings of affection for him since day one but never fails to over-worry whenever he disappears again.

The two dance around each other, never quite sure of the state of their relationship or the feelings the other holds. When they lose an integral person in both of their lives, their worlds are thrown off-kilter, but it may just be the thing that brings them together.

WARNING: triggers. This fic is what is nicknamed the "word vomit" fic, meaning it's me sitting down and letting shit out, meaning it will be a complete mess and will more than likely seem awkward and weird and maybe forced and ooc. I'm not trying to make it really good. I'm just writing it to write it as sort of a more direct outlet for my own internal crap. So prepare for angst. Prepare for possible (probable?) (angsty) smut. Perhaps fluff, but I think it'll be in short supply this go 'round. Just...be prepared for a mess x'D
Features Drummer!Eren ;)
More tags to be added later.

(Also I hate this cover. It's just something I threw together, so if anyone has any better ideas for what if should be, let me know~)

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TatonkaTanoChan TatonkaTanoChan Apr 30, 2017
All I saw was a new story from ma favourite author and I can already tell that imma gonna love this story, bc your stories are always awesomely written and absolutely heartwarming and heartbreaking
i_love_kitty i_love_kitty May 02, 2017
I'm really looking forward to this. It hits home because my brother is exactly the same as Eren in this ya know?
CandyMe0w0 CandyMe0w0 Nov 26, 2017
My mind is too dirty 
                              The world isn't ready for my thoughts
EreRi696 EreRi696 Jun 29, 2017
I love this bc I can relate to Erens feelings a lot. Esp. How he can be really deep one moment than stupid the next. I guess we're all like that, in our own way
NEO_TECH NEO_TECH Apr 30, 2017
oh gosh, i've missed your writing. glad you decided to make another story (: this one sounds amazing so far.
CorporalGalaxy CorporalGalaxy Oct 19, 2017
Call two three times in a row 
                              Such a funny thing for me to try and explain