It's The Things I Do Just For You [UNPUBLISHING FEB. 1ST]

It's The Things I Do Just For You [UNPUBLISHING FEB. 1ST]

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IMPORTANT: This story will be unpublished February 1st. For more information, read my message in "Conversations" on my profile or direct message me.

[Disclaimer: I wrote this a few years ago, so it's not the best. If you see any errors and or anything that could possibly be wrong or offensive then please let me know. I was in high school when I wrote this and my writing was quite immature and faulty back then. Please and thank you.]

Brady Boyer the Bad Boy

He's been to military school, juvi, and under house arrest. Though just because he's a bad boy doesn't mean he's stupid. He's a genius, athletic, artistic, and can do just about everything. He's kind to all the right people and mean to all the jerks. He tries to teach people all the life lessons he's learned from the harsh reality of the world - because he knows the small town of Lebanon, Indiana needs a daily dose of reality.

He's finally going to attend school and make an impression in peoples minds. He plans to make a statement and to reform the people who need to open their eyes. He plans all this, but...

Then he meets Jake Alexander

McWaffle_ McWaffle_ Apr 18, 2016
Dude your awesome the way you are....
Falicorn Falicorn Jul 02, 2016
This is just like my little bro but he's straight. He is learning to play three instruments, does sports, and has a weird ability to make a lot of friends.
I_liketoomanythings I_liketoomanythings Jun 10, 2016
Same if I can relate to the first sentence I'm gonna keep reading
HelloBooksSeeyaLife HelloBooksSeeyaLife Nov 15, 2016
I love this! So many people don't understand that sex is physical and gender is mental. They are two different things.
Captain_Robin_W Captain_Robin_W Sep 09, 2015
GORILLAZ!!!! I totally thought I was the only one in this generation who listens to Gorillaz!!
a_deity_ a_deity_ Jul 21, 2015
I know you apologized for it being an old work of yours, and it may not be this way for you anymore, but... There are way more genders than just "boy and girl." Bigender, gender fluid, agender, etc.