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Stuck in Konoha (Kakashi love story)

Stuck in Konoha (Kakashi love story)

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FanFictionWriter By FanFictionWriter Updated Jul 14, 2016

Kaori Michiko was a normal girl. Well, as normal as you get when you're part of Akatsuki. Of course, that means she was a total mess. She hated emotions. She hated villages. She hated clans. She hated familys. More that anything she hated 'love'. Why? Because she could never quite get it. You see, Kaori had her family's Kekkei Genkai. The Kanpeki Noroi (PerfecCurse). The Kanpeki Noroi was what it said. It allows the user to see the thing one desires the most, or the things one despises the most. Normaly, the people in her now dead clan had used it for the latter, producing the things that made the ninjas scared out of their minds. Kaori used it differently, since she was a natural beauty, therefore they normaly liked only because of physical appearance and her kekkei genkai. What will happen when she is sent to a mission to seduce the Copy-cat ninja, get his trust, and then kill him? Would she be able to love again in help of of course, the famous team 7? You've got to find out... don't you?
WARNING: TOTAL CLICHE LOVE STORY. f you don't like cliche, don't read.

Kaori and the plot are originaly from: ifly_paugg :) she just asked me to write it for her since she loves my fan-fics.

ShadowZzY ShadowZzY Jan 25
O M G 
                              HES NOT GAYYYYYY 
                              PEOPLE BECOME GAY FOR HIM!! D::::
                              MY SENPAI IS NVR GAY HES STRAIGHT AF!
I just literally laughed so hard I fell hard on the floor and lmao 😂
Staco2100 Staco2100 Oct 16, 2016
Sure..... We'll say that....... *tries to hold in laughter while being sarcastic*
Oh no she's a maaaneaaater make you work hard make you spend more make you work hard
DatRandomFangirl_25 DatRandomFangirl_25 Aug 28, 2016
By now I'm reading this I think shes a little whore but I fell like I'm gonna love this charter
undertakerswife undertakerswife Dec 24, 2015
I love it it's very well written and it's not to horribly cliche actually