Mage Slayer: Book Four of the Empress Saga

Mage Slayer: Book Four of the Empress Saga

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Reyn has nothing but secrets. Everything she is or has ever been becomes another reason to be despised. Born of demons, pursued by justice, and haunted by regret. In the service of the Dragon Empress, Reyn hoped to find vengeance for the life she lost, but as emissaries from a distant empire arrive with an offer of friendship, Reyn is commanded not to kill the monster she's longed to destroy. Worse, she must work alongside him.

Joshuan Krayson goes on the hunt. Demons and their thralls have worked in the shadows throughout history, and only a secret cabal of divine guardians has kept the Five Kingdoms from falling to ruin. Krayson follows the voice of an imprisoned god to its source, hoping to uncover the true purpose the old masters have for the world. All that stands in his way is the Teulite Horde led by his father, the Tiger King.

Ban Karst leads the Arcane Knights into Melcia. In the homeland of the spirit callers, Shan Alee and a tumultuous alliance of fey races are met by the true power of House Akazewi. Ban is forced to decide which of the oaths he has given is most precious to him. His bond, his homeland, his fealty, or his heart.

Enfri the Yora is hailed and feared as the Dragon Empress. Overwhelmed by the path fate has taken her, Enfri goes back to the beginning. In a simple cottage on the desert's edge, the sky woman of Sandharbor returns home. There she finds the strength to at last deliver the final enclave of her people to safety. Except, a traitor in her midst threatens to undo all that she's worked to build.

In the deep sands, secrets best left forgotten return.

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