Outside The Lines Prompts

Outside The Lines Prompts

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Jen By promptingskenekidz Updated Sep 28, 2015

Prompt: Theo thinks Dimitri is cheating on him

A couple people said they wanted this one when I mentioned it :p So, here you go! 


                I shut my locker and spun around, jumping back in surprise. Oliver waved at me, standing dangerously close to my face.

                "Personal space Oliver," I said, pushing him back.

                "Where's sparkles?" he asked.

                "I have no idea," I said. "Probably with Kim."

                Thalia shut her locker, brightening up. "Let's go find them!"

                I shrugged and we took off in search of my missing boyfriend. I spotted Kim and walked over to her.

                "Hey, where's Dimitri?" I asked.

                "I thought the princess was with you," she said in confusion.

                "We thought he was with you," I said, equally confused. Dimitri was almost always wit...

xerodiu xerodiu Dec 25, 2016
I had this on my wall because it was cute as hell beside a picture of dnp (when I watched them)
pribaez20 pribaez20 Jul 04, 2016
You sharpen your crayon Dmitri. Oh my god I'm so perverted I love it,😂
RottenPotatoe RottenPotatoe Jun 06, 2016
I would be of no help because I over think EVERYTHING and wouldn't be able to think of a single thing
RottenPotatoe RottenPotatoe Jun 06, 2016
Me to my best friend when she asks me to do this eight times a week
RottenPotatoe RottenPotatoe Jun 06, 2016
That's what I say, too, not in that exact way tho. Dimitri is awesome
SorryBaeILoveBTS SorryBaeILoveBTS May 21, 2016
She's such a bitch. Alek is just jealous because no one likes her! 😠