The Blazoned Vale ~ Book 4

The Blazoned Vale ~ Book 4

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Book 4 of The Vale Series...

An elven king set in his ways... A mysterious maiden determined to change her destiny... a chance meeting which throws them together interlocking their fates...

Megahn grows up knowing what is expected of her, accepting her fate and her life isn't her own. But she doesn't count on the dream festering inside. A dream to be free, to be her own person with no expectations or obligations. After a numbing tragedy, she must decide to chase this dream where it leads or accept the woman she is destined to be. Both options terrify her but only one leads to true happiness.

King Dhovar of Miiradon has practically grown up on the throne. While he is known for his wisdom in leading his elven kingdom, he is equally known for his brusque and headstrong nature. When a mysterious maiden interrupts both his thoughts and plans, he will get a glimpse of what his life can really be like if he allows.

Thrown together through a chance encounter, these two opposites will have a choice to make. King Dhovar can accept the help and change her presence brings to his life or he can ignore the pull he feels towards the mysterious maiden. Megahn can lay aside her fears to accept the future of her dreams or she can play it safe and return to her destiny. Will they learn help comes in many forms before it's too late? 

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