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When Stars Fall

When Stars Fall

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Wendy Million By RElizabethM Completed

A decade ago, Ellie was heartbroken when the love of her life chose his Hollywood party lifestyle over her. Can she forgive him and give love a second chance?


Thirteen years ago, Ellie Cooper struck gold. She secured a coveted movie role that sent her life spiraling out of control. Landing in the arms of Wyatt Burgess, her world-famous co-star with some hard-partying ways, she was enveloped in a world of clubs, romance, and drugs. But when one of Wyatt and Ellie's best friends overdoses outside a nightclub, Ellie gives Wyatt an ultimatum: the lifestyle or her. Wyatt makes the wrong choice. Now years later, Wyatt is out to set things right. But Ellie has moved on; she's in a committed relationship and has left the party life behind in exchange for something more stable. There's just something about Wyatt though that sets her heart on fire. And now Ellie is forced to choose between the new world she has carved out for herself and the passionate whirlwind that allowing Wyatt back into her life could bring...

Content and/or trigger warning: This story contains scenes of drug use, including an overdose. There are mentions of sexual abuse and harassment, which may be triggering for some readers.

[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]