The Shrink Program

The Shrink Program

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"Did it matter that my entire world had been turned upside down? That I had been charged for a crime I did not commit? That I had gone from being the toughest bad girl on the planet to a tiny little toothpick of a person who got beaten up by her little sister's kitten?

No. Because I. Have. Cake.

Giant chocolate cake.

Nothing bad can happen to you when you're eating a slice of chocolate cake the size of a car. 


Maddison Trampth's life is... complicated. An estranged best friend, fights at school, people with secret agendas and maybe even a conspiracy or two. 

And that was before she was shrunken to five inches tall.

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Skylar6908 Skylar6908 Oct 10, 2016
when it said 'she pushed back tears' it reminded me of the cloudy and a chance of meatballs movie when the cop had a tear come out and he said 'DONT YOU DARE COME OUT'
Art-ificial Art-ificial Sep 26, 2016
Ooh! *_*
                              I meant to read this for ages now, and finally found the time.
                              So worth it! I'm loving your style already.
                              Funny and adorable!
emmy_lala emmy_lala Mar 16, 2015
Demidemitra I read Down Come Seven on Pocket Writers too! It was AMAZING and I can just tell that this is going to be great too!! Love the idea of this story, OMG I have to read soma my chapters now!! Haha 
Demidemitra Demidemitra Mar 20, 2014
I love this! I read Down Come Seven on pocket writers and it was amazing! you have really good original ideas :) a lot of authors nowadays use the same supernatural species over and over and concept... this is really different!
Naiobe Naiobe Jan 01, 2014
Okay, not going to lie, I love this thing! I read through all that's up so far and then felt bad for not commenting because I just really wanted to read it all, so I came back and finally commented! :D
RandomStoriesHQ RandomStoriesHQ Dec 10, 2013
This is amazing already and guess what: you've chosen my fav topic of story to write about! :D wait till all the tiny ppl loving fangirls from my stories get onto this! Because I can already tell that it's better than my books :D please update soon!