The Alpha's Baby

The Alpha's Baby

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Ladyjackson1234 By ladyj8002 Updated Feb 17

Jaxon pov

Walking into the ballroom packed with well dressed people in mask i make my way towards the main table in the front of the room. Sitting down i grab a drink from a waiter walking by and take a much needed drink of the dark liquid burning the back of my throat i sigh in contentment at the feeling as i finish off the rest of my drink and grab another from a passing waiter again.

I hate functions like these but being the Alpha i had to attend for appearances sake.Deciding to make whats best out of a bad situation i down my second drink as i make my way through the crowded dance floor towards the balcony that sits over the view of the garden.

Walking on to the terrace i walk around to the more secluded spot and sit down on the lounge chair that was pushed back in the corner, closing my eyes i take in a deep breath of the night air when a smell so sweet takes over my senses, before i could open my eyes a body is flung on top of mine and shocks of pleasure radiate to every part ...

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annipalmer annipalmer Jul 22, 2016
im gonna have to say your books are amazing not one of them is boring and similar to others your books are different and i love different
Teaspilledt Teaspilledt Mar 06, 2016
Okay so we're just going to jump right in no introduction or nothing huh
janeyamos9 janeyamos9 Feb 04, 2016
**The word you need is "my clothes" not "close". That means to shut like to close a door. 💋
livvyrose_2002 livvyrose_2002 Jun 17, 2015
No their sisters and Ryan is her sisters mate and she calls him her family
idkyyyyyyy idkyyyyyyy Mar 09, 2015
I already know what happens...... Lets see if I am right...... I bet I am......
janeyamos9 janeyamos9 Jan 23, 2015
So far the storyline is really good. Only thing I would recommend is time spent to edit some of the typos so it's easier to read.