Protective // Max and Harvey FanFic

Protective // Max and Harvey FanFic

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Sarah :) By AlohaKala Completed

Bailey Connor has just turned 19. She's basically lived in San Francisco all of her life, but she wants to change that. So she packs her bags with her best friend Cassie. They travel all the way to Berkshire England. 2 American girls in the British world. What could possibly happen 

2 British boys happened

Cover by // @ayeitsmaryana

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England_NYC England_NYC May 14, 2017
I've never been called pretty!😂yay!!! I'm rubbish!!!😂😂😂
England_NYC England_NYC May 14, 2017
(Btw she has gone to California before) I won't complain cuz it's fanFICTION.
Millsie1 Millsie1 Apr 07, 2017
After reading this I immediately shipped Cassie with Harvey and Bailey with Max😂
Beau_Wilson Beau_Wilson Oct 22, 2017
This is the 4th time I'm reading this hole story including the sequel because I love it soooo much!!!!!!!
LyssiMills LyssiMills Jan 29
I wish I could relate. I'm the daughter of Elmo and a Potato
AlohaKala AlohaKala May 14, 2017
Oh yeah. 😂 that slipped my mind. I'll just change it to DisneyLand 😂😂 @England_NYC