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What She Fights For (On hiatus)

What She Fights For (On hiatus)

264K Reads 9.4K Votes 31 Part Story
Flori By _rudimentary_ Updated Dec 12, 2016

"Please don't tell anyone.....just please" I pleaded looking wearily into his eyes. I felt tickles of his minty breath fanning the side of my neck before he created distance between us.  

"On one condition Kingston............"

Skylar Kingston  has always been a quiet and conservative, wearing boring clothes and always getting good grades, but she has a secret..she fights. No one knows about it, but there's a reason for it. When notorious, egotistical  bad boy Dean Taylor shows a sudden interest in Skylar she finds it harder and harder to keep what she does hidden. what will she need to do to keep her secret between her and Dean?

A story about secrets, troubled pasts, hope and the ultimate question. Will Dean be able to find out 'what she fights for?'

 © Copyright. All rights reserved.2014_rudimentary_

 #314 Humour (13/5/14)  
 #485 Teen Fiction (14/02/15)

  • dad
  • fighting
  • hidden
  • secrets
  • trouble