Always and Forever

Always and Forever

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Sydney By DefinitelySalvatore Completed

At nineteen, the last thing Rachel needed was to be held back by responsibilities. And what bigger responsibility than falling pregnant? After a couple months of dating, one night of passion with the alluring Christian Morgan, and Rachel Anderson officially has a small bump. But when she reveals this information to Chris, he lashes out and disappears for three months. When he returns, Rachel is still pregnant and Chris is hellbent on gaining her forgiveness. 

However, Rachel’s walls are back up and she is determined to leave him out, while Chris will do anything but leave, resolute on winning Rachel’s heart… and his child. 

Read as a story of friendship, love, anger, hurt and laughter blossom between Chris and Rachel and their question of always and forever.

No matter how many times he redeems himself throughout this book I would still hate him😑
Gabymc34 Gabymc34 Oct 10
I loved it but Chris from Slipping Through My Fingers is much nicer
Sway15 Sway15 May 20
What the hell.. 😤    he called the baby a mistake...  😱
Why is that always the first thing they think of like come on!!!
Sway15 Sway15 May 20
Not that you were anything to cheat on considering you haven't put a title to your relationship yet..   😑
Well for her to cheat on you you'd have to be her boyfriend but no you were just someone she slept with