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Resist Persist (A Sample of Book)

Resist Persist (A Sample of Book)

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Bernette By bernewrites Updated Aug 29, 2017

A special collection of poetry on creating a reality outside the box, finding the courage to live your truth, and rising to the occasion of your life.

Resist that which is untrue to our highest sense of self
Persist in that which expands love, peace, and truth for us and even the world

From Rise Again:
Inside I scream, my cries unheard
Midnight in the garden of my inner world
Wrestle woman! Fight back! I yell
Lips unparted as I crawl through hell

Do you hear me - the time is now
Are you strong enough to break this ground
Till the soil and turn the roots
Rid us of the disease tormenting you

From Small:
And though I'm afraid
I take another step
I don't know where I'm going
And my feet are unsure

But I walk anyways
I open the doors
My fear oh my fear
I release you now

From Whisper in the Wind:
The keyboard does no justice
Yet it is where I am
My canvas to paint a better world
With vivid color, brush the land

You scoff, you laugh, you mock
And how I pity you
That you don't see the prison
the cell you share with us

Bernette is an author, poet, speaker, and offers classes and playshops for creative expression and writing. She also hosts a spoken word and monologues event.

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