heartbeat // zayn malik AU

heartbeat // zayn malik AU

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❝You want a tip in life? Don't fall in love with someone you can't have. Especially not a runaway angel.❞

       Zayn Malik is a desperate, fugitive angel. Valarie Chase is a feisty girl who lashes out at just about anything in order to keep from getting hurt.

When Zayn becomes her guardian angel, all hell breaks loose--literally. Demons awaken, enemies are made, and a huge danger is unleashed, not only on Zayn and Valarie, but on angel-kind, and perhaps even mankind.

Facing a sinister killer who has countless tricks up his sleeve, the two do their best to stay alive, clinging to each other in a world of betrayal and hurt.

And perhaps even, unthinkably, falling in love.

❝And yes, sometimes we fall... but love will give us wings.❞

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ekilorhe ekilorhe Dec 15, 2015
gringas, son lo más, en serio, this is perfect, CAN YOU FEEL MY HURT?
aestheticalsx28 aestheticalsx28 Oct 02, 2015
I love this already just cos the trailer!! Stop being amazing.
- - Jul 16, 2014
The trailer is not aviable on the phone.... WHY?????!!! :'''-( Please can't u do something? 
-horans -horans Apr 28, 2014
if I was her I’d be shouting, “hold the f uck up. Who the hell said I’m letting someone as hot as you GO?”
dollstyles dollstyles Apr 06, 2014
I LOVED IT! Wait not loved... That's past tense.. I love it. Yeah that sounds better. Cuz if I said loved then it would be saying I didn't love it.. But i do... I will stop typing now...