Where did hazza go? (one direction fanfic)

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molly By Molzilla Completed
when you have more than one personality its confusing enough without having one that kidnaps harry styles of your favourite boy band one direction!! read to find out where hazza went!!
Love the story so far!! I just started. :/ 
                                    I find it funny that Harry went missing on my birthday. :)
                                    CONTINUE YOUR WONDERFUL WRITING SKILLS! :)
the birthdate in the pic is wrong it says 1/2/1994 he was born 2/1/1994
I'm scared. Is this ever gonna get like really super duper confusing with her personality changes?
Wow! I hate one direction, but this story? Amazing!  It's soo intense, and u just can't wait to know what happens next. It's like an addiction :@ great job Molly. Keep it up :D btw, its Zeyad, from psn? :3 yeah, loved it once again <3
I love One Direction! This is an amazing book! I showed this to my friend Brooke as well. She said amazing job!